About us

About us

Services you really want.Door onze kwaliteit, snelheid en scherpe prijzen is KS Service Center inmiddels een begrip in de markt geworden. Wij weten dat timing een bepalende factor is in de staalbranche.


KS Systems designs impossible innovative, optimal, sustainable and mechanical systems for supporting structures in the international market segments of warehousing, solar and construction.

Working with us means that you can offer your client something essential. Our innovative character, our commitment to unburdening and competitive prices have a major impact on opportunities for the builder. We always look for the most optimal system solution for every question - this is how tailor-made relevant innovations are created.

We are enterprising and proactive. We see standing still as going backwards and even though we are partners, we still take as much work off your hands as possible. Our flexibility in the process and logistics is particularly evident in complex assignments. You can count on our solution-oriented approach and problem-solving ability.

We are a family business (since 1975) and that means that our relationships and our team are central. We want to create value for them. This means that we operate leanly and opt for expensive products at competitive prices. We are not a discounter, but we offer you cheap renewable prices.

We can tell you much more, but you will best experience why you should work with us. So get to know us. Do you have a project for which you can use our expertise or would you like to get acquainted first? Please feel free to contact us. We'll talk to each other soon!


KS Systems is part of KS Industries. A group of companies with passionate specialists. Professionals who don't make decisions overnight, but who can move forward at full speed. All employees within the group have something in common: they take care of our clients. This also applies to the KS Systems team. It is a varied team with talented, ambitious young people and experienced, seasoned professionals. The team is ready for you. You undoubtedly hear it often, but our people make the difference. Serious! They listen to your question, develop suitable solutions, produce meticulously, build and install accurately and are ready to provide you with advice and assistance after delivery. Everything to let the end user perform with structures you really want.