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The future starts with total system solutions. At KS Systems, you’ve come to the right place for Structure solutions you really want, where our attention is focused on warehouses and the solar and construction industries.

We provide innovative and high-grade systems and structures for competitive prices. With KS Systems, you give your clients a head start for the future.

KS Systems – building for today and tomorrow

From 1975, we have built up experience with cold-rolled profiles and the realisation of total system solutions. KS Systems designs and realises innovative and durable systems for mechanical assembly into load-bearing structures. We serve the international market segments warehousing, solar and construction, building for today and tomorrow.

We are enterprising, no-nonsense specialists, thinking out of the box and with a dedicated customer focus. KS Systems means personal attention, tailor-made innovation and excellent planning and logistics.


We provide the design and realisation of racking systems for the international warehousing industry.


We provide the design and realisation of load-bearing structures for leading solar companies’ projects.


We provide load-bearing structures made from cold-rolled steel profiles for ambitious (construction) companies.


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