Always a solution with the bandsaw

We do everything to optimize the production process. We don't know problems, we believe in solutions. Everything revolves around products of consistent quality at competitive prices. In this regard, the investments of KS Parts & Components are essential. They recently purchased and put into use a new bandsaw.

If it is advantageous to roll long lengths of profiles at once, we will do that. The production roll must continue. You understand that it is efficient if it makes meters. With the new bandsaw, we can accurately cut profiles up to 15 meters in length. We are very flexible in this regard, as we can cut large series or single pieces.

Important features:

  • Bandsaw feed of 15-meter profiles
  • Cutting can be done in bundles and individual pieces up to an angle of 30 degrees
  • Accuracy of +/-1mm, practical +/-0.5mm

Our people are ambitious and want to move forward, want to develop themselves. Because we value a top team, we organize relevant training and education for KS Systems employees. This is necessary because machines are becoming increasingly complex. Of course, machines are important, but people operate the machines and make the difference.

Do you want to know what difference we can make for your projects? Contact us.

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