The base for bigger and heavier

Building plans are getting more ambitious and ambitious.. To realize plans, we at KS Industries continuously develop products, machines and tools that make it possible. For example, we have a production line for thicker material and a wider bandwidth for heavy duty profiles.

Unique features

Our biggest roll former is at the same time the first one we have developed and built ourselves. It allows you to reach height in an exclusive and efficient way without many additional rework on uprights. The most unique features:

  • 1 meter wide material: up to 6 mm thickness.

  • 70 cm wide material: up to 8 mm thickness.

  • The profiling line has been expanded to include a laser welding unit so that heavy tube stands can also be made.


The roll former was developed from the market demand to use heavier uprights. But there are also important aspects when it comes to sustainability. For starters, only one machine is needed. No finishing operations are needed for tubulars, which avoids additional transportation.

And finally with heavier uprights you reduce the use of steel.

Complete package

We want to be a total supplier to take as much work off your hands as possible. Even when it comes to big and heavy! We are currently building an 18,000m2 warehouse with 5,500 tons of steel and 71,000 pallet spaces. The heavy uprights are also being used here.

Thanks to a wide range of roll formers (including the largest), you can come to us for a complete package of uprights: from standard c-profile to very thick profiles.

Do you have questions about the possibilities? If so, be sure to contact us. 

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