“Construction scanning' makes it even more convenient for you

We want to add value to products and services in all areas. Also in the area of logistics. We see that many goods go to customers and that the information surrounding deliveries can sometimes become too much for customers. They then ask us for clarity.

Application in development

KS Systems operates fully automated, so of course we can give that clarity on where, when, what products were delivered. To further unburden our customers, we have developed an application. The application is fed with data from our system. That application and a scanner can be used on the construction site to check whether the freight is completely correct. It is also possible to assign products a location on the construction site so that products can be located quickly and easily.

Two pilots

We are now running two pilots: in the Netherlands and in the United States during the realization of a huge warehouse for a soft drink brand. The pilots help us connect the dots and ensure that we make the application as user-friendly as possible. So far, the reactions have been excellent. In time, the application will become part of an online portal to which we will add more functionalities in the future.

Benefits of construction scanning

  • Independent control of incoming goods

  • Always up to date information

  • Simple operation: scan a qr code instead of entering complete codes

  • Any errors can be followed up quickly

  • Option to report any damage digitally

  • Keeping your own inventory

  • Location of products always known

  • Working paper-free

We are developing this in-house and working hard to have the application operational for our customers by the end of 2023. This will give customers more control and optimize the customer experience.

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