With our welding robot, we speed up processes

KS Systems develops and supplies a growing number of solutions. But to manufacture these solutions, KS Systems is always innovating production. So that you can count on rock-solid solutions of consistent quality at competitive prices.

Recently KS Parts & Components has put into operation a new welding robot. As part of the KS Group, we of course make grateful use of this to provide optimal support to customers from within the group. Previously, welding was done manually, which is very labor intensive. With this welding robot we can weld profiles up to a length of 15 meters. Head plates, foot plates and everything else. Furthermore, we can do plasma cutting on the welding robot. It is also possible to engrave, giving a workpiece a feature. On construction sites it is useful if parts are marked.

We are fully certified for all work and our team is trained to maximize the potential of this innovation.

Key features of the welding robot:

  • Head and foot plates welding

  • Skid plates welding

  • Cutting through plasma

  • Cut-off

  • Cutting Holes

  • Cutting into all kinds of shapes

What can we do for you with our new welding robot? Let us know. Get in contact with us.

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